Municipal Heat Pump Installation

For government offices and municipal buildings, EcoHeat New York is experienced in helping you determine the perfect heat pump system for your application and seamlessly integrating it into your existing structure.

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Cost-Effective Heating &
Cooling for Municipal Buildings

Municipal heat pump systems require experience, industry knowledge, and a team willing to understand your business and your needs. EcoHeat New York does all of that and more. Let's help you save money and go green with a heat pump system that is tailor-made for your local government office or municipal building.

Here’s how EcoHeat New York Can Help:

Vision & Experience

At EcoHeat New York, we think big picture. And for municipal projects, this approach allows us to gain your vantage point and perspective so we can work together to identify the needs and design a heat pump solution that addresses them perfect. As a certified New York State clean heat installer, the knowledge we bring to every potential job site serves us well in best serving you.

We Love Teamwork

Our team is ready and well-versed in designing and implementing large projects and expansive system integrations. And for local government and municipal projects, our experience teaming up with boards and committees is invaluable in helping keep everyone informed, motivated, and on board. EcoHeat New York is your trusted HVAC solution for meeting firm deadline and budget requirements and installing products that will best provide heating and cooling to your public space for years to come.

Financing Assistance

For installations of all kinds, there are a variety of financial incentives, rebates, and tax credits available for you take advantage of with your heat pump system. EcoHeat New York will partner with local municipalities in helping you successfully secure funding from grants and other initiatives, allowing you to achieve heating and cooling savings for years to come. Let's get started with your municipal heat pump and HVAC project!

Municipal Heat Pump Installation FAQs

  • Q: What is VRF?
  • VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. It is a type of direct expansion (DX) multi-split air conditioning system that incorporates a variable-capacity compressor with a network of multiple indoor fan coil units. A VRF system increases energy efficiency by providing cooling or heating only to the zone(s) or room(s) where air conditioning is needed. Most VRF systems employ an individual control and communication network.
  • Q: What kind of financing programs are available to help with my installation?
  • There are a variety of incentives and tax credits available at both the state and federal levels to help offset the cost of your heat pump system installation, with specific programs to help with commercial system installations. EcoHeat New York can help you with your applications... click on the "View Financing Options" button below to learn more information!
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